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Reich Simulcam

Reich is a dance film directed by Herman Van Eyken
The team used the newest Unreal 5 technology and HTC VIVA VR equipment for the combination of virtual and reality shooting. This project will participate in Filmharmonic 2022 Australia



The Conservatorium Symphony Orchestra presents an exciting collaboration with the Griffith Film School, curated and conducted by Peter Morris. The program will feature original collaborations between student composers and filmmakers as well as established and iconic film music performed as a live soundtrack to the moving image.


This concert is underpinned by research around visual technology in the concert hall, collaborative performance art and groundbreaking advances in interactive media. This event was a sellout in 2021 – grab your tickets early to avoid missing out!

Curator & Conductor Peter Morris
Director, Griffith Film School Herman Van Eyken
Animation, Griffith Film School Peter Moyes
Animation, Griffith Film School Louise Harvey
Animation, Griffith Film School Leila Honari
Students from Queensland Conservatorium & Griffith Film School

Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University

Griffith Film School

Creative Arts Research Institute

Disney Concerts (USA)


Production Crew_edited.jpg

Simulcam in Unreal 5 with HTC VIVE VR

Use the HTC VIVE VR device to track real-life cameras and send position and rotation date to Unreal Engine 5 in real time. As to achieve real-time synchronization between the real camera and the virtual camera

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Working with  film crews

Virtual production brings a very different production process to traditional filmmakers and can give them more creative possibilities.

We ran into issues with too many objects in the background, not enough lighting, and changing the focal length of the virtual camera while we were shooting. And in Unreal5, I just need to delete the object or change the parameters, which can simply complete the effect the director wants in few seconds.

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