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A Lifetime of Creativity

Hi, my name is Hanyue, feel free to call me John. I have an undergraduate Games Design Degree, with a Major in player experience design and a focus on 3D environment production. 

I have experience utilising Unreal Engine and Unity to create new and beautiful environments. I have valuable and extensive experience working with motion capture teams. I served as Team Lead and Technical Director in the ANZ Unreal Engine Short Film Challenge. I have great organisational and management skills to ensure that the project can be completed on time as planned. I enjoy working with teams and love to listen to different ideas. I also have experience in indie game production and have a desire to explore new skills and experiences to broaden my horizons.

I love art, music, architecture, history, culture, and film. I have a strong musical background with 15 years of professional study in classical music.

I am also very fascinated by cars. I enjoy collecting classic limited-edition models and am also helping my friend manage a business in importing Japanese domestic market motor vehicles. I run a personal online video channel with focus on cars and gaming that has garnered 32,000 subscribers and 6 million views. 

I am currently living in Brisbane, but I would love to visit different countries and explore the world.


My Experience

Achievements and Experience

Octt 2022 - present

Unreal Artist for Virtual Production

Alt.VFX with Screen Queensland


Octt 2022 - present

Technical Advisor

Alt.VFX with Screen Queensland


August 2022 - present

Technical Assistance &
Technical Art

Griffith University 
REICH Simulcam - Directed by Herman Van Eyken

August 2022 - present

Technical Director &
Environment Art

Griffith University 

The Global Wetlands Project (GLOW)  Directed by Dr. Zeynep Akcay

March 2022 - August 2022

​Project Management & Technical Director –

Epic Games & Griffith University 
Epic Games ANZ Unreal Engine (5) Short Film Challenge

August  2021 -Present


DayDreamer Game Studio
2D Sandbox Game - Vaccine

August 2021 - Present

Music Teacher

Brisbane Chinese School

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