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Unreal Game Engine Developments in Other Areas

Nowadays, video games are developing rapidly. Thanks to the huge player market, the profits and jobs brought by the game are huge every year. At the same time, many companies open source their own game engines and provide them for free to independent game makers and artists to help them quickly and easily create the effects they want.

Unreal Engine, owned by Epic Games. Standing out in the last few years, especially Unreal Engine 5 in 2022, is a milestone for the industry. Users no longer need to perform complex and lengthy lighting baking, and what players get is a high-quality, realistic real-time scene. In addition, Nanite Virtualized Geometry allows artists to be free from the limitation of the number of sides of the model, and can do their creations freely.

Therefore, Unreal Engine is not only used in the field of games, but also in the fields of film production, architecture, medical care, education, automobile, industry and so on.I am currently working on a research new project, working with architects and Bond University on an architectural project, which will use Unreal Engine 5, to see how Unreal Engine can help the architectural industry with a much faster production and rendering speed.

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